LOLU is where TRADITION and STYLE meet with CLASS, CONFIDENCE, CHARM and TIMELESS ELEGANCE to look EFFORTLESSLY sharp in shoes and clothes that
are HANDMADE by expert craftsmen.

LOLU takes inspiration from AFRICAN / BRITISH fashion, CREATING an ART that YOU can INVEST in. Focus is on HANDMAKING all products within the UK sourcing
materials from the best suppliers all over the world.

Shoes are HANDMADE with traditional techniques using the
finest leathers, velvet, satin quilt, and leather sole.


Hand Made Shirt with Monograms, family crest. All customised
designs are all HAND EMBROIDERED,using 18CARAT GOLDWIRE.
Available in ready to wear or made to measure.


SIMPLE and CLASSIC. Featuring RED BUTTONS, breast pocket,
polka dot pocket squares and optional 18Carat Gold-wire
badges. Available in ready to wear or made to measure.


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